Most structures that have been built by humans and animals throughout time have been built from earth. The majority of people in the world live in houses made from earthen materials. Rammed Earth is a mix of sand, gravel, clay, and water commonly stabilized with cement. Forms are built on a foundation above the level of grade, or,  "finish level of land." The Rammed Earth mix is placed in forms and compacted in "lifts," commonly 8" high. This gives the wall a look like layers of stone. Colors can be used to create different effects.The massive walls that can be created with Rammed Earth are excellent mass, or "batteries" for holding temperature. A properly designed house with insulated Rammed Earth exterior walls can create a comfortable space in almost any climate. Although using earth to create walls may seem primitive, it is a cost effective way to produce a quality structure that will last for generations. I have perfected a Rammed Earth mix that is extremely strong. It's been put through all required testing, and meets and exceeds building requirements. 

In cold climates using insulated "double pane" windows to allow solar gain into a massive, well insulated structure could be all the heat that is required. When combined with insulated shades, and perhaps a fireplace or solar thermal backup for prolonged periods of extreme cold, a Rammed Earth house will always be comfortable. In hot climates, a Rammed Earth structure can provide significant cooling. Massive walls and fortified perimeter insulation can help to tap into cooler earth temperature. Covered porches can help to protect exterior walls and windows from extreme heat and cooling tubes can also be placed deep in the ground for recirculating and cooling air. Incorporating passive systems into structures with well insulated massive walls is our best way to achieve comfort in our homes. Things that are low tech are less costly and more reliable in the long run. So finding a passive way to heat and cool your home is a good choice. 

After years of building solar off grid homes I have tried out and researched lots of different building techniques.

I selected rammed earth because its a way to build massive walls affordably. It is not considered experimental and is widely accepted. It is a natural building material. No specialized materials required. It's easy to create forms that make flat walls that you can insulate and stucco. Interior walls are basically finished once the form is removed, and then sealer or paint can be applied. Building homes that don't rely heavily on existing utilities is a safe, responsible solution to conventional housing. When coupled with renewable energy systems like solar and wind you can reduce or eliminate your electrical bill. Large grid tied electrical systems can also be used to supplement charging of electric vehicles, potentially eliminating, or significantly reducing fuel costs.