Natural Building and Design is an experienced and reliable Rammed Earth contractor in Taos, New Mexico. We provide Rammed Earth services throughout the state of New Mexico and beyond. We specialize in sustainable building and integrate many Earth Ship inspired systems in our designs.

We have 25+ years experience in alternative and sustainable building practices, and take pride in our work!

​​​Natural Building and Design

Rammed Earth Contractor, Taos NM

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Natural Building and Design takes great care with our sustainable building designs. Our Passive Solar homes heat and cool themselves using the thermal mass provided by our beautiful Rammed Earth walls, the sun, and proper building orientation on site. We integrate many Earth Ship features such as rainwater cachement, greywater re-use and off-grid and grid-tied PV Systems.

​​Rammed Earth Contractor, Taos NM

Rammed Earth 

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